Specialising in Exceptional Dental Care as Professionals in Oldham, Lancashire

Creating a relaxed, welcoming environment for you when you require quality dental care is our main priority. At Jackson’s Dental Care in Oldham, Lancashire, every individual client is important to us and we do everything we can to provide a bespoke treatment. Offering a personal yet professional service, we offer a full range of services that can be found below.

Oral Hygiene

The periodontal tissues, which include the gums and bone, are the foundations that secure the teeth. The health of these tissues is important and hygiene appointments including involve scale and polish are crucial to maintaining this. 

from £42

Teeth Whitening

This is an ideal way to easily improve the appearance of your teeth. This non-invasive procedure is an excellent choice as well as being safe and effective when combined with the provision and support of dental professionals.

from £210

White Fillings

White fillings restore a damaged tooth to allow for good function while retaining its aesthetics. They also have the added benefit of bonding to the tooth surface unlike metal fillings, which often provides added strength.

from £52

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Dentures are a simple way to replace missing teeth, and can be used as an ideal temporary fix during implants or as a long-term solution to fill gaps, especially large ones. They can also be used for 1 tooth or multiple ones. Dentures involve a simple process with you having full control over how they look, to ensure that you are completely happy with the finished results. 

from £300

Crowns and Veneers

Crowns are used to rebuild a broken tooth or teeth. They are created to match your current teeth and are customised to ensure a natural look. Crowns can also be used to improve your smile as we are able to increase or decrease the size of a tooth. 

Veneers cover over the front of the tooth. When you have healthy teeth underneath or just small imperfections, you can place the veneer over the top to achieve a brand-new look, in a less destructive process than the crown. 

Both from £308


These are a great way to fill a gap or small space between your teeth. Attaching to the teeth on either side, bridges can create a natural finish. They can also be used for larger gaps, however this depends on the strength of the teeth on both sides. 

from £280